4 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Summer weather is coming, and so is extreme weather that will put your AC unit to the test. Winter weather does the same to your heating unit, so regardless of the seasons or where you live, an outrageous electric bill is always a possibility. Instead of panicking, consider these tips for reducing your energy costs.

Lower Your Heating and Cooling Costs

This might seem like a very logical move, but you have to do more than just adjust the thermostat. It could be that your HVAC unit is the wrong size for the demand, making it run inefficiently. As a long-term solution to energy costs that are too high, consider working with a ductless ac installation Burlington MA company to get you the right size unit for your property. You should also the thermostat up or down a few degrees, depending on the season.

Check Your Filters

The air filters in your home need to be cleaned and replaced every few months. Without proper airflow, your HVAC unit won’t get the circulation it needs. This can cause your unit to run for longer periods of time without any effectiveness.

Install Ceiling Fans

This is another easy solution, and generally very effective if your home gets a good cross breeze. A ceiling fan will help circulate air that gets trapped up near the ceiling and move it throughout the house. During the spring and fall, ceiling fans that pull in the outside breeze make it easier to turn your HVAC unit down a bit. In the winter, it pulls down the heat that has risen.

Plant Trees

If you want to help your energy costs and the environment, plant a few trees around the house. As they grow taller, they can help provide shade from the sun or shelter to your home from cold winds. Cyprus trees are known for being fast growing, letting you see results in just a few years.

Reducing your energy costs means more money back in your pocket. It also helps conserve resources, which is a plus for the environment.