Building the Perfect Home Isn’t Easy

You may have been planning your new home for months or years, but no matter when you began dreaming of the perfect floorplan, the entry way staircase, or the style of kitchen you love, you have probably changed your designs more than once. As your dreams come and go for the perfect flooring, paint colors, and the number of bathrooms, you may also notice your idea of how big you want your home may change as well. Yes, you may find that building the perfect home isn’t easy, but here are some things you should consider in your planning stage.

1. Outlets

It may never cross your mind to add dozens of outlets throughout your home, but the electrical units can make life much easier in numerous ways. Add outlets along the kitchen back splash, on the kitchen island, in each of the closets, and even in several places on the outside of your home. You may never use all the outlet options you build, but if you need them, they will be there.

2. Outdoors

If you are planning on creating a deck for outdoor entertainment, let your St. Augustine home builders know so they can run the necessary electrical conduits under the ground and to the area during the construction phase of your basement or crawlspace. If you want an outdoor kitchen, remember to let the builders know about adding plumbing in the area, too.

3. Basement

Some people love basements, and some do not. If you are one of those that loves the extra livable space a basement can provide, let your builders know you want a deep-pour basement. That will add between 10 and 12 inches of headroom to the space and make adding heating and plumbing to the area a breeze.

Your dream home may change shape or size over the coming months, but when you finally sit down to design the space, make sure to include the above tips. Some conveniences are well worth the extra thought.