Statement Pieces for Your Garden

Your garden is more than a place for plants. It’s a place to show to guests and host gatherings. It can be, at its best, a statement about who you are. A plain great yard is fine, but there’s so much more that you can do. With that in mind, here are a few ways to spruce up your yard and add a statement piece to your garden.


Garden gates and fences aren’t just a way to keep people out or in the garden, they have aesthetic value all their own. Getting gates and fences for your garden is like getting a frame for a picture. Looking through a Corten steel gates are going to create a very different effect from, say, looking through a trellis thick with climbing roses.


In addition to framing your garden, consider giving it a centerpiece; a focal point to draw the eye and harmonize your design. Centerpieces can be functional or purely aesthetic but either way it should be impressive. That might be a gazebo, or a fishpond. It might be a statue, or it might even be a spectacular planting of flowers or an interesting tree.


Plantings are, of course, the heart and soul of any garden. They can be useful as well as attractive and creative. A stand of ornamental grasses, for example, can act as a visual barrier and create a privacy screen. Many fruit and vegetables plants are pretty as well as edible. Whatever plants you choose, whether purely functional vegetables or purely aesthetic flowers, those choices will make a statement about you.

Ditch the yard and get in the dirt. It’s more fun, more interesting and it’s better for the environment. Make a garden you can enjoy that reflects your personality and makes a statement about who you are.