How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Improving your house’s energy efficiency saves you money and makes your home more comfortable. There are several easy ways to make your house more efficient.

Change Your Air Filters

Changing your air filters often can make it easier to heat or cool your house. HVAC air filter housing filters out dust, mold, bacteria and other particles to prevent them from spreading throughout your house. Over time, these filters can get clogged with particles, making it more difficult for air to pass through them. This makes it harder for your home to reach your desired temperature. Changing these filters not only makes it easier for air to flow, but it also ensures that they are working properly to keep your air clean.

Check Your Insulation

Insulation slows the transfer of heat. This means that when your air conditioning is on, the hot air outside isn’t entering your home as quickly. When your heat is on, it prevents the heat from leaving your home too quickly. This allows your HVAC system to maintain your desired temperature more easily. Homeowners can check their insulation to make sure it is installed properly in all of the right places.

Close Windows & Doors

If you are trying to heat or cool your home, avoid leaving windows and doors open longer than necessary. Leaving them open will allow air to flow between the inside and outside of your home, altering the internal temperature. Keeping them closed prevents the free exchange of air, making it easier for your house’s temperature to stay within a comfortable range. You can also use weatherstripping on windows and doors to prevent air from flowing through gaps in door or window frames.

Following these tips will make it easier for your HVAC system to maintain the desired temperature in your home, making the house more energy efficient and saving you money.