Things To Know When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Trying to buy wood floors can be daunting with the variation of woods, hues, and finishes that are accessible today. 

Homeowners who assess new floors should take the advantages and beauty of wood into account. Wood floors are comfortable, sturdy, and cost-efficient, and the personality and warmth they offer in every room of the house are incomparable. 

Although there are countless options, not all styles of wood floors are appropriate for each use. You have a few things to bear in mind while you are shopping for a wood floor.

The Type Of Wood Flooring You Need

Two types of wood flooring items are mostly available — solid wood and hardwood. The solid wood is ground with solid wooden logs and is bound along the long and short edges with a typical tongue and groove. 

Pre-finished or unfinished solid wood in strips and planks is available. Made of several layers of wooden and composite materials, the wood flooring consists of a sturdy hardwood layer.

Although both kinds provide genuine hardwood with the same elegance, the primary difference between solid and engineered wood is the surface’s configuration. 

Solid wood floors have to be mounted on the ground floor or above the level when they are extended and contract according to a house’s humidity. 

Engineered floors that are more durable due to their multi-layer construction can be set up on all levels, making them suitable for cellars and bathrooms where moisture and humidity can cause problems.

Wood Species Range

The floors are of several tree varieties, but some of them are stronger and therefore longer lasting than others. There are many online comparison articles and tools to help you understand what wood species has the qualities you are looking for in your flooring. 

The more rigid wood, the higher the wear and installation would, of course, be in a house with heavy traffic.

Grain, Hues, and Aesthetics

Since wood flooring is available in many species, styles, and finishes, choosing a floor to match any decoration is relatively simple. If you’re interior in a country style, large floors with highly defined wood grains and a distressing look will suit you well. 

Consider the big random board width in Oak and Maple for colonial houses. Virtually any form of wood may be used in a contemporary setting based on what stain or finish is used, for instance, in the stones, in dark charcoal, or whitewash.

Finishing Types

In the entire presentation of a wood floor, the finish is the real deciding factor. The same timber species look entirely different in gloss, as opposed to a distressed, hand-scraped, or wire-brushed finish. 

Other items to remember when you are looking for a wood floor would be stained, scraped by hand, or wire-brush finishes, but whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong if it’s anything like the quality you get with Jaime Beckwith Flooring.

Unfinished floors are either sanded or completed on-site, thus guaranteeing a consistent scale and preventing dirt and water from reaching through the seams between the boards. 

The flooring is either unfinished or prefabricated (floors typically receive one to three coats of sealant). Factory-applied in a regulated environment, the generally receives up to eight sealant layers.

Whatever you decide on, enjoy your new home!

Family-Friendly Flooring

If you’re updating or remodeling portions of your home or increasing the size of your home with a room addition, you’ll likely be choosing flooring as part of the design change. Balance is a key aspect when selecting flooring. When shopping for flooring, you’ll be looking for something that balances aesthetics with practicality and a flooring the fits your budget. Laminate flooring is a popular flooring option that can create the balance you desire.


Laminate flooring can endure the activity level of a busy family. It’s scratch-resistant which makes it an ideal option in a house where dogs and cats frequently run around the house. It has the stain resistance necessary in a home where spills, muddy shoes and paws and numerous types of accidents can occur at any moment. Selecting a flooring that’s low maintenance makes life easier and less stressful for the whole family.


Flooring lewisville tx has a diverse selection of laminate flooring. Once you’ve decided that laminate flooring is the most practical choice for your home and it’s priced with a budget-friendly range, you can focus on the aesthetics of the flooring. You’ll discover that you have plenty of color and pattern choices which make it easy to find the perfect one to complement the type of décor you’ve chosen for your home. Laminate flooring is available in a variety of wood, stone and tile finishes.


Laminate floors are comfortable to walk on. The look attractive without any covering. However, if you want to accessorize your floors with rugs, it’s important to avoid rugs with a latex, rubber or vinyl backing. Overtime, this type of backing can cause the flooring under the rug to turn a yellowish color. Throw rugs, area rugs, animal skin rugs and other decorative rugs without the previously mentioned backing can be placed on your laminate flooring to bring an additional element of beauty to a room.

Your home should be a place where the family can live comfortably. Choosing family friendly flooring and furnishings can put everyone at ease.