When Should I Replace the Breaker Box?

The breaker box is an important part of the overall electrical system in the house or business. It helps route the electricity coming from outside lines to the areas demanding service in your building. Making sure they are in good working order and up to code is important for safety and function.

Damaged or Defective

Damage done to your breaker box from storms, vandalism, or accidental impact can make it impossible to use without replacement. Have a qualified electrician inspect the breaker box anytime damage has happened to ensure it’s still safe to use. A broken or defective breaker box can cause a fire.

Following Flooding or Water Leaks

Some breaker boxes are located in the basement of homes. The basement is an area that is subject to flooding after torrential rains. A breaker box that has been in a flood needs to be replaced. It can also get water damage from roofing leaks. Have the breaker box checked out if you suspect any type or level of water damage.

Aged and Out-of-Date

If your breaker box uses fuses, it’s time to upgrade. Modern electrical appliances and devices pull so much juice that it will blow your fuses endlessly. It’s almost impossible to find fuses anymore. You need to have a breaker box that is up to current codes in safety.

Current Box Won’t Support Adding More Electrical Circuits

Upgrading and expanding your electrical lines or circuits often require an upgrade to the breaker box. A professional and licensed electrician can tell you whether your current box will work or you need a new one. Most home or business additions will require the breaker box replacement Richardson residents depend on for safety and optimal performance.

Make sure your breaker box is the right size you need to safely deliver power to your entire building. Replacement is affordable for most budgets and takes little time to complete. Never leave it up to chance if it’s possible your breaker box is really old or has sustained damage.