Benefits of an Extended Winter Getaway

Family vacations and get-togethers with friends are not just for the summer holiday. Wintertime can also be a great time to get away have fun and make some new memories.


The winter offers a variety of fun activities for both kids and adults. Many places have multiple areas for outdoor sports like skiing and ice skating. Or you can try snow tubing, which is enjoyable for all ages. There are also trails available for snowshoe hikes. This lets you get some exercise while appreciating the beauty of nature. Snowmobile tours are yet another fun thing to do.

There are plenty of local restaurants to enjoy and shops to explore as well. And all of this takes place with a backdrop of beautiful, tranquil scenery.

If you need a break from the winter chill, you can always enjoy the peace and tranquility of your cabin. Make a fire in the fireplace for an even cozier day spent it.

Types of Rentals

Check out this site for long term winter rental Wilmington VT. There is a wide variety of rentals available, from a small getaway for two, to a large home fit for extended family or a group of friends. There’s likely something available to meet anyone’s needs.

While rentals are available for a short weekend, or week-long stays, a great thing to consider is the long-term rental where you can enjoy the entire winter season. A winter long rental gives you the convenience and familiarity of a home away from home.

Maintenance comes with most rentals so any plowing is done for you. The types of rentals vary widely. Be sure to check to see what items you need to bring as some come fully stocked and others require you to brings necessities like sheets and towels.

A winter retreat could be the perfect way to wind down and relax. Make the most of the winter with the ease and convenience of a rental.

Statement Pieces for Your Garden

Your garden is more than a place for plants. It’s a place to show to guests and host gatherings. It can be, at its best, a statement about who you are. A plain great yard is fine, but there’s so much more that you can do. With that in mind, here are a few ways to spruce up your yard and add a statement piece to your garden.


Garden gates and fences aren’t just a way to keep people out or in the garden, they have aesthetic value all their own. Getting gates and fences for your garden is like getting a frame for a picture. Looking through a Corten steel gates are going to create a very different effect from, say, looking through a trellis thick with climbing roses.


In addition to framing your garden, consider giving it a centerpiece; a focal point to draw the eye and harmonize your design. Centerpieces can be functional or purely aesthetic but either way it should be impressive. That might be a gazebo, or a fishpond. It might be a statue, or it might even be a spectacular planting of flowers or an interesting tree.


Plantings are, of course, the heart and soul of any garden. They can be useful as well as attractive and creative. A stand of ornamental grasses, for example, can act as a visual barrier and create a privacy screen. Many fruit and vegetables plants are pretty as well as edible. Whatever plants you choose, whether purely functional vegetables or purely aesthetic flowers, those choices will make a statement about you.

Ditch the yard and get in the dirt. It’s more fun, more interesting and it’s better for the environment. Make a garden you can enjoy that reflects your personality and makes a statement about who you are.

How To Plan for Home Repairs

Being a homeowner can be both exciting and challenging. You have the satisfaction of no longer paying rent to someone else, and instead are building equity of your own. However, when it comes to home upkeep, being a homeowner means that you are responsible for the costs. Here are three ways to take the stress out of home repairs.

Create a Budget

Creating a budget for repairs is essential so you are not caught with a hefty bill when something needs to be fixed. Most experts suggest that you put aside 1% of the value of your home. It is important to remember that the value of your home is somewhat arbitrary, though. Your home value could change, depending on the state of the housing market. Still, the 1% number is great to start with.

Types of Home Repairs

There are many types of home repairs, and their costs can range from a few hundred dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars. Basement repairs are often some of the costliest. Whether you have a full basement or only a crawl space, the need for foundation restoration is likely to grow as your home ages. Even a small crack in the foundation can cause significant water damage.

Home Maintenance

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of home repairs is with periodic maintenance. Just as you regularly mow your lawn in the summer, you should also perform regular maintenance on other parts of your house.

Some of the places you should check include the following:

  • Your basement for water seepage
  • Your attic for roof leaks
  • Your door frames for ill-fitting doors

All of this can help you catch a foundation or roof problem quickly. In addition to these checks, simple maintenance, such as changing your air filter and cleaning out gutters, can extend the life of your HVAC unit and keep water from damaging your foundation.

Home repairs can be daunting. By keeping an active budget and performing simple home maintenance, you can keep the costs manageable. If you take a little time to take care of your home, it can become a great investment.

3 Ways To Spruce Up Your House

You spend a lot of time in your home, and you want to make sure you are comfortable. There is a lot of money and time that has to go into a full renovation. If you are looking to make your living space feel a little more cozy without the added headache of rehab, you are in the right place. Here are a few ways to spruce up your house.


Have you been stuck with old, grungey carpet or shoddy linoleum tiles for too long? No worries. A great way to begin working on your house is to upgrade your floors with natural fiber carpet or hardwoods.


If you are tired of looking at the same drab paint on your walls, consider heading to the nearest Sherwin-Williams and grabbing a few color samples. From there, you can brush on a couple of strokes around the house to help you decide what you like best. Paint is one of the best ways to brighten and improve your space.


Changing the furniture at your casa can completely change the vibe and feel of your place. It is best to start and finish one room before picking new items for another space. That way, you avoid feeling overwhelmed. Make a mood board and choose a few pieces of high end furniture san francisco that you love. You may be surprised how much a new couch or console can transform your living area, and you might even have a little fun doing it!

There is no better investment than one that will be used every day. Not to mention, it may add to the resale value of your home. When you come home to a beautiful space, and you are proud to call it yours, you will be glad you decided to spice things up. The good thing is, you don’t have to break the bank to do so.

Renovating Your House With Your Kids

When you have young children, renovating your house requires extra planning and thought. You must figure out how to keep your children away from any dangerous equipment or chemicals and how to entertain them while you work on projects. You also need to make sure that any of the changes you make can stand up to the wear and tear that children cause. Follow these tips to simplify the home improvement process with kids.

Focus on Durability

All your hard work means nothing if you buy materials that are so fragile that they break the moment your child runs into them. For furniture, buy solid pieces made of wood or thick plastic that do not have lots of thin ornamentation. Metal items should be made of strong alloys such as 6al 4v titanium that will resist dents and scratches. Avoid glass unless it is shatterproof. Not only do glass tables break easily, but you also don’t want the stress of making sure each shard of glass goes into the trash can instead of someone’s foot.

Get Your Kids Involved

Children like to feel useful around the house, and home improvement projects are no exception. You could use the help, and they could use the work experience. Everyone can help with the cleaning that accompanies most renovations, including washing walls and decluttering. Older children can help with painting and all kinds of repairs with supervision. Younger children can complete other chores, such as folding the laundry or vacuuming, so that you can work on your renovations. Although it will probably mean a longer trip, take them with you when you go to the store and explain why you are buying each item.

To make your renovations easier, make your kids a part of the process. Not only will you keep them busy, but you will also be teaching them valuable skills for their future lives.