Renovating Your House With Your Kids

When you have young children, renovating your house requires extra planning and thought. You must figure out how to keep your children away from any dangerous equipment or chemicals and how to entertain them while you work on projects. You also need to make sure that any of the changes you make can stand up to the wear and tear that children cause. Follow these tips to simplify the home improvement process with kids.

Focus on Durability

All your hard work means nothing if you buy materials that are so fragile that they break the moment your child runs into them. For furniture, buy solid pieces made of wood or thick plastic that do not have lots of thin ornamentation. Metal items should be made of strong alloys such as 6al 4v titanium that will resist dents and scratches. Avoid glass unless it is shatterproof. Not only do glass tables break easily, but you also don’t want the stress of making sure each shard of glass goes into the trash can instead of someone’s foot.

Get Your Kids Involved

Children like to feel useful around the house, and home improvement projects are no exception. You could use the help, and they could use the work experience. Everyone can help with the cleaning that accompanies most renovations, including washing walls and decluttering. Older children can help with painting and all kinds of repairs with supervision. Younger children can complete other chores, such as folding the laundry or vacuuming, so that you can work on your renovations. Although it will probably mean a longer trip, take them with you when you go to the store and explain why you are buying each item.

To make your renovations easier, make your kids a part of the process. Not only will you keep them busy, but you will also be teaching them valuable skills for their future lives.

3 Telltale Signs That You Need a Chimney Inspection

It’s not always obvious that your chimney has a problem that needs correcting. Here are a few tips for detecting all the subtle clues that it’s time to get a chimney repair or cleaning service to take a look at your chimney.

Fires Aren’t Burning Right

One sign that it’s time to contact a chimney inspections Washington DC company is when you’re fires aren’t burning correctly in the fireplace. In other words, you just can’t keep the fire you made in the fireplace going no matter what you do. The reason for this is that fires require oxygen. Without a constant source from the chimney, the fire just won’t keep burning. It’s a clear sign something is wrong with your chimney right now.

Greasy Black Soot Marks

If there are greasy black soot marks on the walls in your fireplace, this could indicate a problem. This buildup could lead to a chimney fire, which is a nasty occurrence that can cause serious damage to your house. It’s often noisy and explosive. This is why it’s important to make sure someone who knows what they’re doing checks your chimney every so often to see if it needs to be cleaned out.

Pervasively Bad Smells

If you’re detecting a strong smell coming from your chimney or the fireplace directly, this is another clear sign. Burning a fire in the fireplace should give you a woody scent and not something foul. If you smell this, then there’s a chance that the updraft in your chimney is failing and it could also indicate that dangerous gasses are leaking into your house like carbon monoxide.

Checking your chimney on a regular basis for the presence of potential buildup or other dangers is critical towards keeping your house safe and enjoying your fireplace. You’ll be happy you got inspections and cleanings in the end.

Great Beaches in North Carolina

North Carolina welcomes over 50 million visitors every year. For locals and travelers alike, there is so much waiting for folks in the Tar Heel State. While further inland is home to vast forests and cozy towns, the coast is open to massive expanses of beautiful beaches. Take a look at some of the best beaches to visit in North Carolina, from surfing in the Outer Banks to Bald Head Island rentals.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

This sprawling beach stretches nearly 75 miles along the Atlantic Coast. Visitors are called to enjoy trademark sandy beaches with high-rolling dunes, perfect waves for water sports like surfing, and one of the country’s tallest lighthouses. Also in the nearby area, beach-goers can take advantage of a nearby maritime museum that chronicles the area’s high amount of shipwrecks. The rocky and dangerous coast made things difficult for incoming ships for a longtime, so this educational component is great for families with children and history buffs alike. For nature lovers, the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge allows visitors to enjoy bird watching and take in the natural landscape.

Emerald Isle

Located in the southern part of the Outer Banks, the Emerald Isle is known as one of the most beautiful parts of the Carolina’s “Crystal Coast,” named of for the beautiful waters. This calmer stretch of beach makes the area perfect for lounging about in the sun, wading into the water, and taking gentle boat tours that allow visitors to see wild ponies and even dolphins.

Wrightsville Beach

Lastly, this area is just east of Wilmington and welcomes more outdoor enthusiasts. This lovely stretch along the ocean has a marina, kiteboarding lessons, and more scuba opportunities for those interested in exploring the many aforementioned shipwrecks. With gardens, piers, and a museum of history all in town, this area is once again a great destination, especially for families that might have folks at different ages and with different interests. Across North Carolina, there’s no way to go wrong.

Building the Perfect Home Isn’t Easy

You may have been planning your new home for months or years, but no matter when you began dreaming of the perfect floorplan, the entry way staircase, or the style of kitchen you love, you have probably changed your designs more than once. As your dreams come and go for the perfect flooring, paint colors, and the number of bathrooms, you may also notice your idea of how big you want your home may change as well. Yes, you may find that building the perfect home isn’t easy, but here are some things you should consider in your planning stage.

1. Outlets

It may never cross your mind to add dozens of outlets throughout your home, but the electrical units can make life much easier in numerous ways. Add outlets along the kitchen back splash, on the kitchen island, in each of the closets, and even in several places on the outside of your home. You may never use all the outlet options you build, but if you need them, they will be there.

2. Outdoors

If you are planning on creating a deck for outdoor entertainment, let your St. Augustine home builders know so they can run the necessary electrical conduits under the ground and to the area during the construction phase of your basement or crawlspace. If you want an outdoor kitchen, remember to let the builders know about adding plumbing in the area, too.

3. Basement

Some people love basements, and some do not. If you are one of those that loves the extra livable space a basement can provide, let your builders know you want a deep-pour basement. That will add between 10 and 12 inches of headroom to the space and make adding heating and plumbing to the area a breeze.

Your dream home may change shape or size over the coming months, but when you finally sit down to design the space, make sure to include the above tips. Some conveniences are well worth the extra thought.

Staging Your Kitchen for Resale

When you find a new home, one of the tasks on your moving list is likely to be selling the house you currently live in. Staging your home can make the sale happen more quickly. Staging presents your home in its best light so that it is a tempting buy for prospective owners.

Depersonalize the Space

When you think about getting your home ready to sell, you may feel overwhelmed. It’s okay to start small. You should begin by decluttering your whole house. Remove all extraneous items from the line of sight. It’s also a good idea to remove personal items such as family pictures or kitschy knickknacks as they can make it more difficult for a new family to picture themselves living there.

Make Repairs

Inspect your house for anything that looks worn out or needs repair. When buyers come to view the place, these issues are likely to deter them from buying because it can mean more out-of-pocket cost to them if they purchase the home. Everything should be in good working order before you put your house on the market.

Update Common Areas

Many sellers find that remodeling spaces to make them more modern or functional can increase not only the likelihood of a quick sale but also can raise the overall price they are able to get for the home. A kitchen renovation in Sarasota FL, can make the space more inviting and intrigue potential buyers. Adding storage space or an outdoor deck can also increase sale potential. Anything you can do to add value to the home can work in your favor.

Selling a home can be a challenge, especially when you are trying to orchestrate your own family’s move to a new place. Making some smart staging choices can help you and your real estate agent complete the sale.